Home Remedies For Migraines

You don’t have to make an appointment with a doctor to find relief from migraines. There are simple at-home remedies that can help you manage them by yourself. Let’s check out some of the most common.

Over-the-counter pain relievers
There are a lot of selections of over-the-counter medications designed specifically for migraines. None need a prescription, which means you can go to the store and buy them any time you need them.

Cold compress
Put a cold washcloth on your forehead to stop migraines from getting worse. This is said to stop the increased blood flow when a migraine occurs. You can also use an icepack and spread it across your neck and forehead combined.

Find someplace dark
Loud noises and bright lights don’t do anything to help with a migraine. For the best results, remove yourself and find somewhere as silent as possible that doesn’t produce much light. It won’t stop the migraine completely, but it will help speed the process along.

Coffee and caffeinated drinks
The properties of caffeine have been shown to help migraines drastically. Some pain relievers include it in their tablets to induce even more migraine treatment. Be cautioned; caffeine can become addictive and cause more headaches.

To prevent the onset of migraines, try some of the following tricks:

Walk Or jog
This should only be done after the migraine is over and in an attempt to prevent any further. The endorphins that an exercise release helps fight off pain, including that from migraines. Exercise can also help you have less stress and sleep better, which helps keep your migraines at bay.

Sometimes, exercise induces migraines. Another exercise that normally works for everyone, mind and body is yoga. This connective exercise isn’t fast-paced and allows for a lot of personalization until you can make each move fully. There is research into the correction between yoga and decreased migraines.

Butterbur plant
This has been the plant of choice for pain reduction. Recent studies into the effects butterbur actually have on migraines showed to lower the rate in which they came and how strong they were when they did.

Know what makes them worse
Managing certain activities or even foods that have caused migraines for you in the past will prevent them from occurring in the future. Stay away from things that you know will trigger you.