Here Are Some of the World’s Leading Causes of Death 


For decades, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has looked into some of the leading causes of death. The data from the study hahas helped researchers and medical professionals understand if there is a need to curtail any illnesses that may be considered an epidemic. However, in places like the United States, certain medical conditions have claimed the lives of many —heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory diseases. 

Both heart diseases and cancer are responsible for about 46 percent of deaths in the United States. Together with chronic lower respiratory diseases, these conditions account for half of all deaths in the United States. According to the CDC’s report, the following are some of the world’s leading causes of death known to man.

  • Heart Diseases

As mentioned earlier, heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, accounting for up to 635,260 deaths on an annual basis. Heart diseases are more common in men, people who tend to smoke, those who are overweight or obese, and families that have had a hard time accepting certain factors.

To prevent heart disease, you need to quit smoking. You also need to pay more attention to your diet and exercise at least five days a week for more than 30 minutes. 

  • Cancer 

Finally, cancer accounts for up to 598,038 deaths years, accounting for a total of 21.7 percent. There are different types of cancer, with their own specific set of risk factors. However, some common risk factors cut across all types of cancer. These include: 

  • People of a certain age
  • People that smoke tobacco and drink alcohol
  • People that are overly exposed to radiation or sunlight.
  • People with chronic inflammation etc.

Cancer is known to be caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells within the body. There’s no definitive way of preventing cancer. However, certain behaviors have been linked with cancer. The top of the list is smoking. Therefore, quitting these behaviors will help reduce the risk of suffering from cancer.

You can also maintain a healthy weight, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. You can also get regular cancer screenings, including skin checks and more.


This list of leading causes of death is not exhaustive, and many other causes of death include accidents, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The main takeaway from all these is that you need to eat healthily, maintain a regular exercise routine and get enough rest.