Enhancing Home Safety on a Budget for Those with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can make you weak and stop you from safely moving around your home. This article covers upgrades you can use to make your living space more comfortable and hazard-free.

In The Kitchen

The following modifications can make it easier to move around while cooking:


Non-stick pans have a surface that needs less scrubbing to clean. You can also get pans with double handles that are easier to lift and use while baking in the oven or cooking on the stovetop.


Standing at the counter for long periods while cooking can be tiring and stress your joints.
Alternatively, try sitting on a stool while working in the kitchen.

Roll-out Shelves

Roll-out shelves relieve the stress of reaching far into cabinets to get needed items. You should consider getting Lazy Susan as an affordable option that spins items toward you.

In The Bathroom

Basic adjustments you can make to your bathroom for managing your RA include:

Non-slip Rugs

Kristin Malone, an occupational therapist, said putting non-slip rugs in front of the shower or tub can prevent falls. You should choose a rug with rubber or non-skid backing and install non-skid strips on your bathroom or shower floor.

Shower Chair

A shower chair can remove pressure from your knees and hips, keeping you stable in the shower. If you have a small bathroom, choose a wall-mounted chair that folds up when not in use.

In Living Areas

These are some upgrades that can make your living room a perfect place for relaxing and unwinding:

Firm Cushions

If you have RA, it can be challenging to get out of soft cushions that are soft and comfy. Firm cushions are an ideal alternative that removes the stress of standing up from soft couches.

If you’re not interested in firmer seat cushions, you can buy a wheelchair pad at a drugstore or medical supply shop and place it on top of where you sit.

Proper Lighting

Malone said seeing things in your living room is difficult if they are shadowy. You can solve this by buying more lamps to brighten the dark areas in your home.

In The Bedroom

A good night’s rest is vital to managing your RA. These adjustments can guarantee you sleep properly:

Comfortable Mattress

Studies have shown that sleeping on high-heat-capacity mattresses (cooling gel mattresses) is more effective than with low-heat-capacity mattresses (conventional foam mattresses). You can also use a whole-body pillow to position your joints to avoid discomfort and relieve pressure.


Rheumatoid Arthritis can strain your joints and make it challenging to move around your home. However, these modifications can make it more comfortable and relaxing.