Can Counting Calories Be Harmful?


Many people believe that calories are the enemy and that to get your desired weight, you need to cut them drastically. However, on the contrary, experts believe that losing weight may be more than counting numbers. They further stated that several factors affect one’s ability to lose weight, including the type of food eaten, the body’s metabolism, and even the presence of organisms that reside within the individual’s gut.

The organisms that may be present in the gut:

Trillions of organisms are present in your gut, and the predominant organisms have a substantial influence on your body’s ability to absorb calories from food. Researchers have further discovered that people with slender figures have a diverse and distinct set of organisms residing within them against those who are overweight. According to the research, these organisms can break down and use more calories stemming from certain foods than other organisms. 

Your body’s metabolism: 

Studies have shown that each body type has a “set point” that regulates a person’s weight. This set point points to several factors, such as genes, behaviors, and the environment. Also, there is a region at the brain’s base known as the “hypothalamus.” This region controls the body’s temperature and stops the body from losing below the weight of the set point. 

Therefore, you may observe that your weight has no significant change, despite a diligent diet and stringent exercise routine. This is also why a good number of people that lose a significant amount of weight regain such weight.

The type of food you eat:

Furthermore, your choice of food may significantly affect your calories. In a study, the researchers found that people who were given ultra-processed foods gained weight, as opposed to those who ate unprocessed foods. The experts concluded that the brain is naturally wired to enjoy healthier and more natural foods. In addition, processed foods contain more additives that could contain extra calories that aren’t accounted for.

How to Manage Calories? 

Now that we’ve established that counting calories does not necessarily help you reduce or manage weight, how can you shed excess fat from your body? The answer is simple! You can take some steps and these include: 

  • Focusing on a healthier diet
  • Exercising regularly and intensely 
  • Sleeping soundly; 
  • Significantly reducing stress levels and; 
  • Consulting a professional.


Counting and cutting calories, in turn, may give you a different result. Therefore, consider what we’ve mentioned above to see effective results in your weight loss journey.