Can Avocados Help Manage Blood Sugar in Diabetes?

According to a new study, avocados may significantly improve blood sugar control in certain people. This article examines this scientific claim and the effectiveness of avocados in managing blood sugar.

What Does The Study Say?

The study’s findings suggest that individualized metabolic profiling could help identify foods that could help a person’s health. Metabolites are small molecule products from metabolic reactions within tissue, cells, or an organism.

Metabolomics is the systematic study of the body’s chemical processes involving metabolites. The study also suggests that the metabolome and microbiome are essential in developing targeted and personalized health interventions.

How Was The Study Conducted?

The study is based on data from 6,220 individuals aged 45 to 84 years who participated in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). Participants reported their intake of avocados and over 100 other foods from 47 food groups.

For 3,438 of these individuals, data included metabolomic profiles obtained from fasting serum samples taken at recruitment and subsequently examined using proton nuclear magnetic resonance.

Dr. Jason Ng, clinical associate professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, said metabolomics can help to further understand an individual’s health issues and find possible solutions.

After comparing the spectral features from participants’ samples with the Human Metabolome Database, three spectra stood out tightly connected to avocado intake. As they shared a single metabolic annotation, CH2-Iysyl, the study’s authors concluded they represented the same metabolite and calculated a mean value across the three to get their metabolic biomarker of avocado intake.

The researchers also discovered that the biomarker was strongly connected with reduced fasting glucose and insulin regardless of various possible confounding factors, including health behaviors, smoking, and alcohol intake.

What Are Some Diabetes-healthy Foods?

Michelle Routhenstein, a cardiology dietitian, said that avocados are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber and contain monounsaturated fatty acids to help keep your blood sugar down. She also said some foods with similar properties include edamame, chia seeds, and flaxseeds.

Dr. Ng said the study suggests that avocados may benefit sugar metabolism in the body.
However, he said it would be good to keep studying how these foods can affect an individual so they can understand what benefits them most since most foods won’t benefit everyone equally.


Recent studies show that avocados can help you manage your blood sugar. You can eat them either as a spread or make an avocado salad.