Best Health-Conscious Gifts to Give This Year

Gift-giving is a tricky business. You want your loved ones to appreciate your gesture, but you also want the gift you give to be something they can utilize for years to come.

The delicate nature of picking out the perfect gift for someone who is transitioning or leading a health-conscious lifestyle can be even more pressure!

Whether your loved one has just begun their health journey, is battling a newly diagnosed disease, or has been training for months, you’ll want to give gifts that encourage and help them along their journey.

Alternative Gifts for Health-Conscious Lifestyles
A lot of gift-giving traditions are just that – tradition. Sometimes these long-standing rituals are not ideal. For example, if you give someone a box of chocolates every year, eventually, they’ll tire of it!

This is even truer when a loved one has a new lifestyle they are leading. For example, if your loved one has recently committed to a vegan lifestyle – leather boots might not be the best choice!

If you are looking to give a helpful gift to someone in your life on a self-improvement journey, check out these tips.

Food Related Gifts
Time to think outside the cookie tin or fruitcake box! In fact, our health depends so deeply on the food we eat, this is a great opportunity to gift some fun, healthy foods.

In lieu of chocolate, pastries, or the like, try these food-related gifts:

  • If they are vegan or vegetarian, buy a vegetarian/vegan cooking book and provide the ingredients to make a recipe or two as a gift.
  • Give a gift card to a farmers’ market or crop share. Some of these even have memberships that could make a great gift!

Cocktail Related Gifts
A bottle of wine is a reliable gift for almost anyone, but some people’s health journey includes cutting out cocktails!

If this is the case for your loved one, try these beverage-related alternatives:

  • Gift them a kombucha-making kit. Kombucha is healthy and packed with nutrients, plus, fun to make!
  • Gift a mocktail how-to book, where they can learn new virgin cocktail recipes!

Fitness Related Gifts
If your loved one is taking strides toward their physical health, and you want to support them, gift them something that will aid their fitness journey!

If you need ideas, here are a few great fitness-related gifts:

  • Pay a few months of an existing gym membership.
  • Pay for several ‘special’ classes such as yoga, spin, boxing, or something else the person likes.
  • Gift them new home workout equipment or devices, like a FitBit.

There are lots of ways to give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones on their self-improvement journey. Your loved ones will appreciate receiving a gift that fits them so well and will make them feel loved and valued!