8 Shocking Tips to Lose 100 Pounds


No matter how many pounds you plan to shed, losing weight is challenging, and the process becomes even tougher if you’re trying to lose about 100 lbs (45kg). However, you can use many strategies to attain this goal, and in this article, we shall discuss some that may help you lose 100 lbs without too much stress. 

Tips to Lose 100 Pounds

Plan Effectively

Losing weight means that you will be setting a long-term plan that may take months to accomplish. Therefore, you must factor in many hurdles and obstacles you may encounter. Even though you may not be able to predict every possible challenge that may come your way, it is best to draw out a comprehensive plan. This plan, for instance, may factor in rest days and days when you eat whatever you like. This way, you don’t feel overwhelmed by the goal of losing weight. 

Eat a Big Breakfast

Studies have shown that eating a heavy breakfast helps to lose weight, and it also helps stave off chronic medical conditions and illnesses like obesity. Therefore, experts opine that you start your day with a warm and solid protein-rich meal, which keeps you feeling full and staves off hunger for extended periods.

Keep a Photo Diary

Our memories are transient. Therefore, it helps to keep a photo diary of our daily meals in a file. This helps remind you of what you have eaten so far and guides you into eating healthy –whether your next meal should be bigger than the last. 

Track Your Calorie Intake 

Your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes. One way of doing this is by tracking your calorie intake or exercising more than the calories you consume. Within the context of monitoring your calorie intake, it helps you understand the number of calories you consume daily. A review of about 378 studies revealed that 16,000 participants who engaged in a weight loss program and tracked their calorie intake were able to lose about 7.3 pounds (3.3 kg) more than participants in programs where they did not have to follow their calorie intake. 

Increase Your Fibre Intake 

Finally, eating lots of fiber aids in slowing the rate of your body’s metabolism. Further, studies have shown that soluble fiber tends to reduce the production of hunger hormones, such as ghrelin, while simultaneously increasing the production of fullness hormones like cholecystokinin (CCK) and peptide YY (PYY).