7 Practical Tips for Improving Your Work-Life Balance

According to a 2023 Pew Research Center survey, 35 percent of workers who could work from home did so in 2023. These changes to the American work culture make balancing work and other aspects of your life difficult. Read this article to learn tips for managing your work-life balance.

Use Technology in Smarter Ways

It’s not just a matter of willpower or choosing not to check your devices. This is because your brain craves the social information that comes with emails and notifications.

If you want to have fun outside work, avoid using social media at the dinner table. You should also limit how often you check your phone throughout the day.

Make Time For Yourself During Work Hours

It can be easy to get lost in tasks when you work from home. A good way to reduce stress is to add daily personal activities to your schedule. For instance, you can walk around the block during your lunch break or practice 15 minutes of meditation.

Create Boundaries and Predictable Time Off

Remote work makes it difficult to establish boundaries, and your employer might call you at odd hours. You must have a routine that lets your boss know you’re done with work for the day. You could fill this with an activity like a scheduled exercise class or a family outing.

Have The Tough, Productive Conversation With Your Employer

Setting boundaries goes beyond telling your boss you have a time when you stop working. You must also have a productive conversation about achieving the company’s goals. This helps you have a comfortable work structure and lets your boss trust your remote work arrangement.

Don’t Mistake a “Flexible Schedule” For Being Available 24/7

The beautiful thing about remote work is you get flexible hours that let you leave the office early as long as you log in from home during those last hours of work. However, this doesn’t mean you should be available all night long. Your colleagues must know your preferred work times and when not to expect a response from you.

Find Work That Satisfies You and Aligns With Your Values

A good place to start improving your work-life balance is creating a healthy relationship between work and your well-being. A 2022 study discovered that better job quality was linked to better physical and mental health.

If you want to make your work more value-oriented, talk with your HR representatives or supervisor about aligning your roles more closely with your values while performing your tasks.

Understand That Societal Changes Need To Happen From the Top Down Too

Quitting your job is usually the best scenario if you feel overwhelmed at home and work, but this option isn’t always available. Instead, you can discuss fitting all your responsibilities into work hours with your employer and getting crucial employee benefits. These include access to high-quality health insurance and employees’ paid time off.


Working remotely doesn’t mean missing out on your after-office life. You can achieve a healthy work-life balance by reducing phone use and setting strict work hours for your employer and colleagues.