6 Unexpected Habits That Enhance Overall Health and Well-being

You might find it hard to incorporate all the health advice you get from health gurus and medical professionals. However, adding healthy habits to your lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. This article covers surprising out-of-the-box habits that can boost your whole-body health.

Take Cold Showers

According to a 2016 study involving more than 3,000 participants, those who had hot showers ending in a blast of cold water had fewer sick days than those whose entire shower experience was nice and toasty. However, experts noted in a 2022 research review that more research is needed before cold water immersion can be considered a miraculous health cure.

Try Swearing

In a 2020 study, researchers said swearing could be beneficial and increase pain tolerance.
They also reported that the pain-mitigating effects of swearing are not caused by distraction but by some undiscovered mechanism.

Create Instagram-worthy Food

A plate of colorful, wholesome foods is a fun way to boost your diet and holistically care for your body. This meal should contain essential vitamins and minerals to fuel your day. Bright, colorful foods such as berries also have more antioxidants that can curb oxidative stress.

Take Some Time to do Nothing

Lounging around and letting your thoughts roam freely could reduce your stress levels and even relieve anxiety, mainly if you focus on breathing during that period. According to a 2020 study, your brain generates more than 6,000 thoughts daily. Exploring some of those thoughts might help you generate new ideas.

Watch a Sad Movie or Tune In to Sad Music

Distracting yourself from difficult emotions might be easy, but drowning out your feelings isn’t the best coping strategy. Experiencing your feelings is a meaningful way to regulate your emotions and help you respond better.

You can get in touch with your emotions by watching a tearjerker of a movie or listening to gloomy tunes that can help you zone in on those present feelings and help you release them.

However, this strategy might not work for everyone, so consider seeing a therapist to discuss coping options that could benefit you.

Invest in a Gadget

You can make habit-building enjoyable by investing in gadgets that can help you track your health goals. For instance, you can get a sparkling water machine to help you stay hydrated. You can also get an air fryer to curb spending and reduce budget stress.


Prioritizing your health doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Incorporating habits like quiet time or leaning into your feelings can make all the difference.