6 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean and Germ-Free This Winter

More indoor activity and dry indoor air can increase the chance of getting sick during the winter. This article covers tips that can keep germs at bay during this period.

Create a Disinfecting Routine

This routine includes cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. However, before sanitizing and disinfecting, you should identify your home’s most high-touch surfaces, such as light switches, countertops, and doorknobs.

You should also take extra care when disinfecting if someone in your household feels sick or has been in close physical contact with someone sick.

Wash Bedding and Linens Regularly

You should aim to change and wash your sheets weekly to avoid bacteria and grime buildup. Here are some tips to maximize your efforts:

● Use hot water when washing bedding and sheets
● Get a second or third set of sheets to make changing them easier
● Depending on care instructions, use a high-heat dryer to dry your sheets or iron them afterward.

Manage Humidity Levels

According to a 2021 study, moderate humidity levels between 40 and 60% could reduce the risk of viral transmission and make some viruses less likely to survive in the air. Many home thermostats can detect and display indoor humidity levels.

If your home’s humidity falls below 30%, consider investing in a humidifier and taking extra steps as winter arrives, such as frequent handwashing and disinfecting surfaces.

Check and Change HVAC Filters Frequently

If you have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, it’s important to regularly change the filters to keep your home’s air clean. These are some guidelines based on recommendations from the Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning:

● Replace 1-inch thick filters every 30-60 days
● Replace 2-inch thick filters every 3 months
● Replace 4-inch thick filters every 6 months

Revamp Your Entryway

A tidy entryway with little clutter could help prevent germs from entering your home. Here are a few tips for maintaining a clean and decluttered entryway:

● Take off your shoes once you enter your home
● Install a light fixture to ensure proper entryway lighting, making it easy to identify dirty surfaces

Declutter Your Home Nightly

Waking up to a tidy home can remove some of the stress you feel when you wake up. A nightly declutter doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as even a minimal cleanup can provide peace of mind while preparing for bed.

Before heading to bed, you can start by putting away loose items in clutter-prone spots, like bathroom sinks, entryways, and bathroom sinks.


Despite looking challenging, cleaning your space doesn’t have to take all your free time. A bit of prep and the right tools can help you keep your environment clean and minimize germs during the holidays.