6 Shocking Benefits of Being in Green Outdoor Spaces

If you live in a concrete jungle, it can be hard to find green spaces with trees, shrubs, and other plants. However, research shows these areas boost your physical and mental health. This article looks at 6 key health benefits of these outdoor spaces. It will also examine how these areas can improve your mental health.

What Is Green Space?

A green space is an area of trees and other plants set apart for pleasure and recreation. This includes forests, tree-shaded neighborhoods, community gardens, and vacant lots. In most cases, these spaces are a short walking or driving distance from your home. They allow you to breathe clean air and engage with nature.

6 Benefits of Outdoor Spaces

Visiting green spaces can:

● Improve your heart health

● Lower your risk for diabetes

● Lower your blood pressure

● Lower your risk for cholesterol

● Help you live longer.

● Lower your chances of being obese or overweight

Green spaces can also improve your immune system. This is because spending time in nature can improve your exposure to microorganisms that benefit your gut health.

Can Green Spaces Help Your Mental Health?

Access to green spaces has lots of psychological benefits. It can help to:

● Lessen your depression

● Reduce your anxiety

● Ease your mood disorder

● Lower your rate of substance abuse

● Increase your feeling of calm

● Recharge you emotionally

● Improve your concentration and focus

Recent studies have also discovered that looking at nature and greenery from a terrace can reduce your anxiety and blood pressure levels.

What Are the Social Benefits of Green Spaces?

There are different benefits of green spaces, including:

Lower overall crime

By having well-maintained and easily accessible green spaces, the crime and violence rate in the surrounding areas decreases. One study also found these areas boosted local pride, cutting down on litter and graffiti in the neighborhood.

Increased workplace productivity

Research shows that working in spaces with a view of nature can boost overall morale and work productivity. Additionally, green spaces can increase safe driving on nearby roads and boost local businesses.

How to make green spaces a priority

To help promote green spaces in your area:

● Research community gardens you can join or see if you can start one.

● Take a field trip to a local park with your friends and family

● Research native plants in your area and plant some in your living space.


Green spaces offer lots of benefits for your physical and mental health. You can work with your community leaders to create more inclusive green spaces focusing on the community’s needs.