5 Tips for Managing Your Blood Sugar and Your Diabetes During a Social Event

No matter the situation, you must remember that having diabetes should not stop you from having fun. This article explores five tips to make you feel better whenever you attend.

Five Ways to Manage Your Diabetes and Blood Sugar

To manage your diabetes and blood sugar and participate in any event, you can use any of these five tips:

Offer to organize

There is always a chance that other attendees want a healthy food option at the event. You can bring a dish that is perfect for these types of guests. If you host an event where guests can bring what they want, you can recommend diabetes-friendly dishes. This will help keep your blood sugar at a regular level.

Plan ahead

By planning, you can free yourself up to live in the moment and enjoy things later in the day. Before heading to the event, check your blood sugar levels. This is important regardless of whether you are driving or commuting.

If you go to a restaurant for a celebration, look up the menu online beforehand. This lets you pick out healthy and balanced meal choices. Additionally, you can have snacks on hand if you don’t like the food served.

Always check your blood sugar levels.

No matter where you are going or what you will be doing, monitoring your blood sugar levels is vital. If you are concerned about forgetting, ask your doctor about a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). These devices measure your levels in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can also connect it to a smartphone app to check your glucose levels discretely and quickly during an event.

Sip smart

What you drink at the event can significantly affect your health. Here are some things to consider:

● Always eat food while drinking to keep your sugar levels steady.

● Alternate between beverages and water to stay hydrated.

● Opt for a light beer and drinks instead of sugary, high-calorie drinks

Team up

Have a friend who can ensure you have fun and keep you accountable for your health goals. For every fun event you attend, take a walk or visit the gym together.


If things do not work out at a social gathering, do not feel about it. Test your blood sugar and use it as a learning experience. You should also maintain your schedule by eating regularly and staying hydrated.