5 Foods To Avoid For a Healthier Year


Everyone wants to be healthier this year than they were last year. This article will explain why you should avoid some foods if you want to become healthier and what you should avoid. 

FoodsTo Avoid For a Healthier 2023

These foods don’t just make you fat; they also increase the risk of cognitive decline. Below are five foods that should be avoided in 2023:

  1. Ice cream

Ice cream is one of the most addictive foods, according to EAT THIS, NOT THAT. Studies show that when you take ice cream frequently, you tend to crave it more and eat way more than you did the last time. So, if you eat only one bowl today, you may eat up to 3 to 5 bowls the next time to get the same level of satisfaction (think about the calories). Also, no matter how healthy the flavors sound, ice cream is a combination of fat and sugar.

  1. Fried potato-based foods

According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating fried potatoes can be linked to high mortality rates, and it also increases the risk of Obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

3 )Donuts

Donuts are low in fiber and high in sugar and calories; they have very low nutritional value. Studies show that eating a donut for breakfast can trigger your cravings for other high-calorie foods and refined carbs during the day. In addition, eating these delicious treats harms our waistlines more than we think. So if you love eating donuts all the time, you might want to consider increasing your exercise regimen or get used to being plump.

4) Processed meat and poultry products

Studies have linked processed animal-based products like bacon and sausage to increased belly fat and central Obesity. And it has been revealed that the more belly fat you have, the riskier it is for you to develop heart disease.

  1. Sugar drinks

Some scientists believe that there’s evidence that links consuming sugary beverages to some types of cancer, Type 2 diabetes and weight gain. Studies also show that drinking a can of soda or any sugar sweetened beverage can lead to an increase of 5 pounds in weight in one year.

Avoiding some or all of these foods is difficult, but cutting back on them can help stave off weight gain and even lose weight.