10 Things To Be Grateful For This Holiday Season


The holiday season is just around the corner, and after what seems like the longest year, we can’t wait to have fun and reconnect with our loved ones. While we do that, the following are things we should be grateful for this season. One of them is good health.

Modern Science

Many health conditions that would have been fatal about a hundred years ago are not anymore because science has evolved to take care of them. Now, you can easily walk into a hospital and treat everything from an allergic reaction to cancer and HIV Aids. 

Access to Water and Food

Some people don’t have the luxury of always having access to nutritious food and drinkable water. However, for the vast majority of Americans, it is not an issue. Having access to good food is something to be thankful for if you live in one of the American households that had food security this year.


We should always be grateful for the gift of good health. Many people have health issues that prevent them from enjoying the holidays. We tend to take our health for granted until something goes wrong, but a full body checkup every once in a while should help you identify health issues before they become serious.


Our friends are the next best thing when we can’t be with our families during the holidays. They bring joy into our lives by sharing laughs, meals, and experiences. Don’t forget to appreciate your friends this holiday season and express gratitude for all they’ve done for you this year.


The opportunity to work is a blessing. But so often, we let the pressures of life overwhelm us. Too often, we take our jobs for granted and take no pleasure in them. Be grateful for how you can support your loved ones if you are fortunate enough to have a job. If you don’t, then consider yourself lucky that you live in a country where you can always find work and pursue your passion.


The holidays are a great time to decorate the house so everyone feels welcome. Everything about Christmas, from the stockings to the trees, makes you feel truly happy. Yet, you can’t have all of these things if you don’t have a place to live. So, appreciate your house wherever you may have it. After all, it’s great to have a cozy space to celebrate the holidays with loved ones.


The gift of sleep is one of our greatest blessings in life, which is why it’s on this list. During holidays, you can sleep in as much as you want without setting any alarms.


Put aside your shorts and break out your baggy sweaters because winter is officially here with the holidays. Consuming a warm beverage like a peppermint mocha or hot chocolate might make this season more bearable.

Holiday Lights

Every house and store this season will be decorated with Christmas lights. You can’t help but feel swept away by their beauty and romance. Do something fun like ice skating and take in the sights. Take a stroll through the park and marvel at the classical beauty of Christmas.


Listening to Christmas music playing in the elevator puts you in a festive mood. You can even sing along, raise your voice as high as possible, and pretend you don’t care. That’s one more thing to be grateful for.