10 Signs You Are Highly Intelligent

Intelligence can be hard to measure – after all, everyone wants to believe they are smart. Intelligence can come in many forms.

There are some general markers of a highly intelligent person, outside of their specialized skillset or academic strengths.

Through IQ testing, an objective measure of several areas of intelligence, researchers have been able to conclude a group of key skills and traits that highly intelligent people possess.

Want to know if you are highly intelligent? Keep reading to find out.

Good Memory
A very intelligent person may have a particularly sharp working memory – this is the kind of memory that allows us to pull and utilize memorized processes such as mathematical formulas. A fabulous declarative memory (the ability to reproduce facts) is also a signal of intelligence. Lastly, intelligent people will have good memory access and flexibility – meaning they can easily access their own memory to produce an answer.

Good Attitude and Work Ethic
Can intelligence be earned? Some data points suggest it. Highly intelligent people usually have a strong work ethic and are self-motivated to learn new things and challenge themselves.

Language Proficiency
Language is central to being able to successfully communicate. As such, highly intelligent people are usually highly proficient readers and writers. Being able to master a language and be a concise communicator is a signal of intelligence.

Inclined Toward Creativity
Not all highly intelligent people are creative in the traditional sense. A highly intelligent person doesn’t have to be an artist to be creative. Highly intelligent people can use their sense of creativity to solve difficult problems more quickly and with less stress.

Good Problem-Solving Skills
Efficient problem-solving is seen as integral to the success of a human. Problem-solving skills start developing early in life. The ability to solve problems is correlated with the ability of the brain to track patterns, which is a signal of intelligence.

Possess an Open and Curious Personality
Though no one personality can be correlated to intelligence, some data suggest that those who are open-minded and curious might be more intelligent. This might be because those who welcome new experiences will learn more in the process, therefore enhancing intelligence.

Good Decision-Making Skills
Making good decisions is integral to one’s success. Highly intelligent people can logically dissect their decisions through two modes of thinking: global and local. Local decision-making involves analyzing the small details and immediate effects, while global thinking looks at the bigger picture. The better someone is at making informed decisions, the more intelligent they likely are.

Seen as a Leader or as Trustworthy
You can sometimes tell how intelligent someone is by how others react to them. Intelligent people often become known as good resources for questions and advice from peers. If colleagues are consistently coming to you with questions – you may be seen as highly intelligent in the workplace.

Difficulty Controlling Impulses
Have you ever heard the term “absent-minded professor”? High intelligence isn’t associated with only positive traits. Many highly intelligent people have poor impulse control. Intelligent people score low on the ability to delay gratification. They also score quite high on the non-planning scale of impulsivity; this means they’re likely to start projects on a whim or go into important tasks without preparation.

Better Sense of Intuition
Though intuition is considered an elusive type of thinking, it can be a sign of intelligence. Those who can follow their intuition or “hunches” with success, may have better pattern-spotting capabilities in the subconscious part of the brain, pointing to higher intelligence.

Prone to Anxiety
Highly intelligent people are prone to anxiety for an obvious reason – they think more often and more deeply than most. Highly intelligent people may be unable to turn off their thoughts or get themselves out of a loop of thinking. Plus, highly intelligent people are often perfectionists who are driven by success – which can add to their already anxious disposition.

Are you a highly intelligent person? There are several measures of intelligence, and everyone is usually gifted in one way or another. You can always learn new skills and grow your mind to become more intelligent!