10 Common Foods To Avoid To Maintain Good Bone Health

Maintaining good bone health is vital for your posture and spine as you age. This article covers 10 foods you should avoid to keep your bones in the best condition possible.


Alcohol promotes bone loss, with studies showing bone density tends to be lower for younger women who drink a lot.

Foods with Trans Fat

Trans fats from hydrogenated oils can reduce vitamin K, which helps with calcium absorption. A study also showed that increased fat levels in the muscles, liver, and blood indicate high amounts of fat in the bone marrow. This increases the risk of developing osteoporosis and reduces the chances of managing the condition.

Caffeinated Drinks

Frequent consumption of tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks can affect calcium absorption and lead to low bone mineral density. To protect your bone health, slowly decrease your intake and consult your doctor.


Legumes such as soybeans, lentils, and peanuts are nutria-filled but contain high amounts of phytates interrupting mineral absorption. As a result, it slows down the process of absorbing the necessary calcium for bone formation.

Red Meat

Protein obtained from red meat is also linked to keeping calcium from your bones. According to one study, reducing red meat consumption and other unhealthy foods improved bone health. As such, avoiding red meat can be beneficial in keeping your bones healthy for a long time.

Raw Spinach

A diet that includes green spinach has multiple health benefits for your body. However, it can have adverse effects as spinach contains oxalates interrupting calcium absorption.


Soda, primarily cola, is also associated with bone loss. Despite the need for more studies to understand this connection, there is evidence that soda consumption contributes to an increased risk of hip fracture in postmenopausal women.

Salty Foods

Foods with high sodium can result in calcium loss. This includes processed and fast foods, often containing excess sodium and additives.

Sugary Food

While there is no definite connection between low bone density and sugary snacks, scientists still discourage eating foods high in sugar. This is because they cause damage in the body that could escalate into poor bone health.

Wheat Bran

Like legumes, wheat bran contains phytates. However, it is a lot worse as it makes calcium unavailable from other food eaten with it.


Good bone health is essential for providing adequate support to your muscles. By avoiding the foods we have covered, you can boost calcium absorption and keep your bones in good shape.