10 Breakfast Foods to Try and Foods to Skip

Breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day! The first meal you eat in the morning fuels you for the day ahead. Breakfast is the meal that jumpstarts your metabolism each day, so it’s important to make it count.

Wondering which breakfast foods are best, and which to skip? Keep reading.

Healthy Breakfast Foods to Try
Breakfast is important because it fuels the first half of your day. You need a breakfast that is nutritious and substantive enough to keep you feeling satisfied until lunchtime. This means most good breakfast foods have a combination of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats.

Some examples of healthy breakfast foods to try in your diet are:

  • Omelets packed with protein and nutrient-rich toppings, such as spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese. The mixture of the fiber and protein in the veggies, and the filling of healthy fat and calcium in the eggs and cheese is sure to keep you fueled throughout the day.
  • A slice of whole-grain toast topped with an egg and avocado. There are many ways to make this delicious meal. You can poach, fry, or scramble an egg. Then, slice some fresh avocado atop the egg. You can add seasonings like salt, pepper, or honey to add flavor. The healthy fats in avocado and eggs mixed with the complex carbs of the wheat toast make this a great choice.
  • Plain Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit, granola, and honey. Greek yogurt is great for you – it contains probiotics, otherwise known as the good bacteria, that keep the gut healthy. This yogurt also has heaps of protein to keep you full. Fresh fruit adds much-needed vitamins and nutrients, while granola adds complex carbs.
  • Fresh slices of apple or banana with peanut butter. This classic meal is easy to make and very nutritious. Fresh fruit adds vitamins, nutrients, and fiber to the meal while peanut butter adds protein and healthy fats.
  • A fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie with a scoop of protein powder. Smoothies are easy to make and can be eaten on the go! This quick option is perfect for those with limited time. Plus, you can add whatever you wish to your smoothies – so pick out your favorite fresh fruits and veggies, along with a protein source like protein powder or peanut butter, and get the blender out!

Breakfast Foods to Avoid
Not all breakfast foods are created equal. There are certainly some that are best avoided for alternative healthier options.

Some popular breakfast foods that are best to skip out on include:

  • Breakfast cereals. Though this is a popular and quick choice, the high level of sugars and artificial ingredients in these cereals make them undesirable.
  • Pastries like donuts or cinnamon rolls. Though these are delicious, they are best kept as an occasional treat, and not a breakfast staple. These foods are extremely high in sugar and unhealthy fat.
  • Buttered toast. Though this is a simple and classic choice, it doesn’t provide much nutritional value. This meal is too low in protein to keep your hunger satisfied through lunch.
  • Pancakes or waffles. Though these tasty treats are well-loved, they are not the best option for breakfast. They are filled with refined carbs, sugar, and other undesirable ingredients.
  • Breakfast bars. Though many breakfast bars are made with seemingly healthy ingredients like oats and nuts, they are usually created using high levels of sugar and carbs.

Breakfast is an important meal. By prioritizing healthy options for breakfast, you’ll feel better throughout your day.