Why You Should Stop Smoking Today

Of all the preventable premature death ways, cigarette and tobacco use is at the top. If you don’t quit smoking, you will be among the half of smokers whose death resulted from the habit. Stopping tobacco products will only lengthen your life and give you better health.

What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

Upon your sudden removal of tobacco, the benefits are seen in your body immediately. The blood pressure, which is typically high in smokers, comes down to a normal level. This is because the circulation in your blood is not interrupted anymore and can flow freely.

The well-known smoker’s cough begins to lessen during the first few hours of quitting and clearing up any phlegm and wheezing from smoking. Lungs will begin healing in a few months, and within two years, you will have lowered your risk for cancers and diseases associated with smoking.

How To Quit Tobacco Altogether

Depending on your situation, an option will work to help aid you in your mission to quit tobacco. One method is immediately ceasing the act of smoking. It’s normally refers=ed to as going cold turkey. The negative of quitting smoking in this way is the withdrawal. However, it has helped a large number of people become former smokers. You won’t use any medicine or products containing nicotine.

If quitting so suddenly is intimidating, a longer, more gradual cessation might be optimal. It works by removing more nicotine daily, with fewer cigarettes and tobacco being consumed. It trains your body in getting used to the lower amount of nicotine, giving you the ability to quit.

Medication can be administered if your nicotine addiction is severe or if you have been smoking for a long period of time.

Other Forms Of Tobacco

Using other types of tobacco products does not lessen the addictiveness of the nicotine that it contains. For example, some people have switched to smoking e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes, thinking it is better. However, e-cigarettes have chemicals that you inhale and the nicotine that is harmful to the lungs just as much if not more than regular cigarettes.

No form of tobacco is a safe and healthy option. Anything that has nicotine in it can become addictive. Learn more about ways to stop smoking by discussing your options with your doctor.