What Does Quiet Quitting Mean?

The art of quiet quitting hit social media like wildfire. But what does it mean? And is it new? Essentially quiet quitting means you’re putting yourself above your job. Gone are the days of working late and stressing over every little thing. Quiet quitting means you’re no longer going above and beyond. You’re simply working the hours you’re paid to work and no more.

Is the Concept New?

The concept isn’t new, but the name is. Over the last two years, employees have taken a step back and evaluated their lives with the changes in the workforce. In that evaluation, many have opted to change fields or remain remote workers. These changes came after some self-reflection that produced evidence many of us already knew. Our lives are passing us by while we’re at work.

Instead of going in early and staying late, more and more people leave when their time is done and do not think about work until they clock in the next day.

Quiet Quitting Might Be Beneficial for Your Health

As we start to focus on ourselves, the increased focus on our mental and physical health will also decrease our stress. Instead of leaving late and rushing home, you can get home earlier and make a healthy meal for yourself and your family. Once you’re finished, you can choose to spend some time with your family or take a walk around the block.

The extra time might also help you tackle your to-do list earlier and get to bed sooner, meaning you will get a better night’s sleep in preparation for the next day.

Quiet Quitting and Burnout

The World Health Organization has officially recognized burnout as a work-related condition that causes people to feel empty, tired, cynical, emotionally distant from their work, and less productive. Burnout is a big risk of working too much and can hurt your physical, emotional, and mental health in the long run.

Burnout is hard and expensive for both the person and their employer. People who are burned out often take time off work or at least not work as hard as they can. Quitting your job quietly can help you find a better balance between work and your personal life.


While the phrase quiet quitting might strike fear in employers’ minds, as you can see, it can be beneficial all around.