What Are the Real Dangers of Fried Foods?

Many cuisines feature delectable fried meals, but consuming too many of them might be unhealthy. Researchers have long looked into the link between consuming a lot of fried meals and having a bad heart. And that’s not all. It’s thought that eating fried foods may also increase your risk of stroke, as well as your weight.

Your Heart and Fried Foods

High quantities of saturated and trans fats, which are found in fried foods, are known to raise blood cholesterol levels and harm the lining of your arteries. Your blood vessels’ damaged portions eventually grow plaque, which narrows the artery and makes it more difficult to pump blood.

Imagine your arteries as pipes in a plumbing system, if that helps. Pipes frequently accumulate dirt and debris over time, which finally causes obstructions. The term “atherosclerosis” refers to this process when it affects your arteries. Your chance of developing a number of heart diseases is enhanced by atherosclerosis.

Researchers recently explored this occurrence by evaluating nutrition and health information on more than 1.2 million people as part of a meta-analysis of 19 studies. Fried food consumption was strongly associated with an elevated risk of coronary artery disease (CAD), significant cardiac events (such as heart attacks), heart failure, and stroke, according to their research.

Fried Food and Your Risk of Stroke

Similar to a heart attack, a stroke can be brought on by plaque accumulation in the arteries that supply blood to the brain. Due to a shortage of oxygen and nutrients, brain injury can result from restricted blood flow to the brain. If a fragment of the plaque breaks off and gets to the brain, you could possibly have a stroke.

Is it Possible to Make Fried Foods Healthier?

We love our fried foods, so the trend to make them healthier is understandable. If you must indulge, you can use a healthier oil, such as coconut or olive oil, since they are considered unsaturated fat. You can also change your oil more often or add baking soda to your batter to decrease the absorption of the oil.

Even better? Invest in an air fryer that essentially eliminates the oil part of frying. You can get the same effect without the added oil. Be mindful that there are some recipes that still call for a bit of oil, but it is drastically reduced when cooking with an air fryer.


There is significant data stating that fried foods are not good for you to eat in large quantities. Every now and then, you can indulge, but in between those times, lighten things up with the use of an air fryer or opt for healthier recipes in general.