What Are The Dangers Of Dry Scooping


Taking your powdered supplements dry without mixing them with liquids is called dry scooping. Unfortunately, dry scooping is a dangerous trend making waves on the internet, especially on TikTok. By reading this article, you will understand the dangers of this new trend.

What Is Dry Scooping?

Dry scooping is consuming supplements without water before starting your workout session. It is also the process of swallowing your pre-workout powders straight down before following them up with a swig of water. Preparing for a workout is very good, but dry scooping? Not so much. It is alarming how this trend has made rounds on social media.

Dangers Of DryScooping

Besides the risk of breathing the powder into your lungs instead of swallowing, which can lead to dangerous respiratory problems, choking or coughing, dry scooping has more dangers.

There is also the risk of consuming higher doses of the supplement than intended. According to Dr. Johnson-Arbor, there is also the potential for caffeine overdose. Johnson-Arbor explains that many pre-workout supplements contain caffeine or its analogs. She says that healthy adults can consume up to four hundred milligrams of caffeine without any side effects, but when higher amounts are taken at once, it can lead to people experiencing tremors, palpitation of the heart, chest pain and seizures.

An example is that of a healthy twenty-year-old woman who had a mild heart attack after dry scooping; experts say it was likely a result of a caffeine overdose.

People with a history of lung disease, asthma included, have a high risk of developing side effects after breathing in and choking on dry scooping power, such as uncomfortable coughing and troubled breathing.

Simply put, there is no advantage of dry scooping as science discounts the fact that consuming pre-workout supplements by dry scooping can give a large dose of the supplement to the body at once, thereby increasing the effect of the product. Instead, data reveals the number of health risks it has.

Pre-workout supplements have not been entirely accepted by science, and people are increasing their dangers by dry scooping even when the product states that it needs to be mixed with water. Experts agree on one thing about dry scooping: Don’t try it! You don’t need fancy and expensive supplements to get an extra edge during workouts; eat well, sleep well and stay hydrated.