Top 7 Pricey Medical Expenses

Even minor illness takes money to solve, but some sicknesses drain our account and, if we aren’t careful enough, can leave us broke. This article will talk about seven costly medical conditions.


1. Heart Condition: 555 Billion Dollars

Your heart is a costly organ that can affect your pockets. Research shows that over one in every three Americans has heart disease, which makes it the most expensive health issue in the US. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, keeping your weight under control, avoiding highly saturated fat food, and getting at least thirty minutes of exercise daily can help prevent heart problems.

2. Diabetes: 245 Billion Dollars

There are a lot of people who have diabetes and don’t know they have it. Diabetes can lead to many issues like- heart and kidney disease, nerve damage, eye problems, etc. Exercising and eating a balanced diet can lower your chance of getting diabetes. But if you already have the condition, take your medicine, and watch your blood sugar.

3. Cancer: 225.5 Billion Dollars

Over fifteen million Americans have any form of cancer. But for the past ten years, people aren’t dying like they used to. To lower your risk of developing cancer, avoid smoking and reduce your alcohol intake. Make sure you eat healthy, exercise, and wear sunscreen.

4. COPD and Asthma: 100-290 Billion Dollars

COPD includes chronic bronchitis and lung disease emphysema. It is caused by smoking, air pollution, dust, chemical fumes, etc. Asthma, on the other hand, can be hereditary. To control Asthma attacks, avoid its triggers like- smoke, dust, and any form of pollution. Also, take your prescribed medicine.

5. Obesity: 190.2 Billion Dollars

You are obese when you have a body mass index of thirty or higher. Research shows that over one-third of US adults and 17% of children are obese. Obesity can lead to heart disease, Type II diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, and certain types of cancer.

6. Traffic Injuries: 99 Billion Dollars

Studies show that traffic injuries send about 2.5 million Americans to the emergency ward annually. Traffic accidents are numerous, but fortunately, we are getting better. Safer cars, stronger seatbelts, and anti-drunk driving laws have helped curb traffic accidents. Please stay safe by wearing your seatbelts and staying off your phone when driving.

7. Mental Disorders: 89 Billion Dollars

Many people think mental illness is sporadic, but in every five adults, at least one has some mental disorder, e.g., depression. Always look out for warning signs; they include social withdrawal, extreme worries or fears, highs or lows, prolonged-lasting sadness, and many more.

For help, talk to a professional.