Three Tips to Get Better Sleep

In our busy and stressful worlds, it’s no wonder why we often have sleepless nights. Between work, the economy, and family struggles, it can be hard to relax and calm the thoughts in our minds.

Sleep is significant at any age. It helps us focus, resets our bodies, and provides fuel so we can wake up and begin again. It’s optimal for you to get seven to nine hours of sleep. We often fool ourselves into thinking we need less, trying to cram as many things into our day as possible, but it always catches up with us. When it does, we might find our health in jeopardy.

Winding Down
Winding down is one of the easiest ways to get better sleep. There are a few key things you can do to assist with this.

1.) Shut down technology: Turn off your tablet, phone, and television. The light from these devices can be harmful to your eyes. Plus, continued interaction keeps your mind going when you need to slow down.
2.) Listen softly: Some apps help you relax at night through music or meditation.
3.) Stretch out your day: There are stretches you can do, or yoga, that help your body and mind slow down so you can prepare for sleep.

Create a Soothing Environment
Your bedding plays a big part in how you sleep. Depending on your body temperature, you might need more or less bedding. You may even use a weighted blanket if you struggle to sleep and need more support.

Dark curtains can block outside light, letting you fall to sleep sooner. If noise is an issue, you can wear earbuds designed for better sleep. Diffusing lavender may also help you get a better night’s sleep.

Be Consistent
It’s important to set a sleep schedule and be consistent. If you go to bed each night around the same time and keep the same bedtime routine, you’re more likely to sleep better. This includes weekends. We often think we can stay up late for a few nights as long as we catch up later. This keeps our body in limbo and not able to rest properly.

When developing this plan, know that your circadian rhythm will even out and provide you with increased health benefits as well.

Taking steps to get better sleep will increase your health in a variety of ways. There are other tips you can also try if these don’t work, starting with what you’re eating and drinking in the evening. With the right set of recommendations, you’ll be waking easier and with more energy in no time.