Morning Exercises That Help You Lose Weight and Feel Great

Packed schedules and morning exercise seem contradictory, but in fact they compliment each other well. Beginning the day by kickstarting your body and mind into gear may go far in not only losing weight but feeling refreshed and energized.

And here’s the kicker. A decade-long study and then a follow-up by researchers at multiple universities reached a startling conclusion: the timing of exercise affects the positive results.

The exact reasons are varied and beyond certain, but the body seems to respond better to morning workouts, brief though they may be. There’s much to be said for “getting the day off to a good start” and other cliches, but the results were consistent.

Give yourself a few morning minutes and give these a try.

Morning stretching exercises are great for toning muscles and avoiding later-life pitfalls like arthritis. The Cat Camel Stretch is simply getting on all fours and rounding your back upwards like a camel to where your head is closer to your pelvis.

Now it’s time for the cat part. Lift your head and lower your back, and smoothly rotate between these two positions several times. This is also great for waking your body again after sedentary periods.

For a time-tested full-body wakeup call, little beats the pushup. It doesn’t take many, and starting slow is the best plan anyway. Just be sure to put your hands on the floor at shoulder width, brace your abs and keep your body in a straight line.

When your chest is an inch off the floor, go back up.

Leg squats are another great way to get your body going early and set the tone for a productive day. Or a chill day. Position feet a bit further apart than hip width and extend your arms in front of you. Lower yourself as if sitting down, as far as is comfortable, then return to beginning.

And for the simplest of morning starters to lose weight and feel better, there’s the early walk or run. Outside is likely more refreshing, but being indoors on a treadmill is another great way to reach goals. Nothing complicated or stressful, just another step towards a healthier lifestyle.