Ice Cream for a Sore Throat: Myth or Soothing Remedy?

Ice cream may help ease your sore throat symptoms but can also worsen your condition. This article examines the effect of eating ice cream when you have a sore throat.

Can Eating Ice Cream Help With Your Sore Throat?

Ice cream temporarily relieves a sore throat due to its cold and soothing feel. However, this relief is short-lived as the ice cream’s high sugar content might increase inflammation and reduce immunity.

Can Sugar Make a Sore Throat Worse?

According to research, sugar isn’t ideal for the immune system because it can cause inflammation and affect your body’s ability to fight infections. High sugar consumption might also reduce the effectiveness of white blood cells, which can protect you from illnesses.

Better Ice Cream Options for Sore Throat

If you’re still set on eating ice cream to relieve your sore throat, these are some better options you can take:

Low Sugar Varieties

High sugar content can worsen inflammation and irritate your sore throat. Alternatively, ice cream with lower sugar content can be gentler on your throat.

Fruit Sorbets

Fruit-based sorbets are dairy-free and have a lower fat content. They are also made with real fruit and can provide antioxidants and essential vitamins to help you deal with sore throat.

Non-dairy Options

Individuals with dairy allergies may experience extra stress on their immune systems. In such situations, non-dairy alternatives, like ice creams made with almond or coconut milk, are suitable options.

Smooth Textures

Always choose ice cream with a smooth and creamy texture. You should also avoid ice cream hard or crunchy mix-ins, which can irritate the sore areas.

Is Ice Cream Good For Tonsillitis?

Ice cream can relieve people suffering from tonsillitis due to its cold and creamy texture. The chill can temporarily numb your sore throat, while the creaminess gives a comforting and easily swallowable nutrition source.

According to one study examining the effect of eating ice cream after tonsillectomy on immediate postoperative pain in children, there is a significant link between ice cream consumption and the absence of pain.


Ice cream can temporarily relieve sore throat symptoms thanks to its cold, soothing texture. However, its high sugar content might not be suitable for everyone and could result in increased inflammation.

Low-sugar or non-dairy alternatives like coconut milk-based ice cream can be better if you have dairy sensitivities. You should also consider your individual preferences and sensitivities when deciding if ice cream is right for easing your sore throat.