Hydrate This Summer : 10 Impressive Ways To Make Your Water Taste Better

On the list of human needs, water is non-negotiable. However, the liquid can be boring to drink constantly. To make things interesting, this article covers 10 ways to make your water more intriguing.

Add Fresh Fruit

Tasty, fruit-flavored water provides a perfect blend of beauty and hydration. You can use an infuser pitcher for steeping your favorite fruits in a removable cone. As for fruit choices, you can use citrus like limes, oranges, and lemons.

Add Herbs

When infusing your water for a better taste, don’t forget herbs. Try adding a few sprigs of lavender, rosemary, basil, or thyme to boost the wow factor of your liquid.

Try A Veggie Infusion

Putting vegetables in your water may sound unusual, but many veggies are as effective as fruits in adding flavor. You can choose mild, naturally water-rich options like zucchini or cucumber or rare choices like earthy carrots.

Make It Bubbly

A past study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that fizzy water is as hydrating as its still variety. If regular water isn’t inspiring, try fizzy mineral water with the added benefit of minerals.

Use Juice

A splash of juice in your water can add flavor and also give it an attractive color. You can use fruit juice as a good base flavor, but tart juices like grape and cranberry are incredibly delicious.

Stick A Tea Bag In It

Like tea sparkling water, tea is just as hydrating as regular water. Whether hot or cold, unsweetened often packs antioxidants and has zero calories. When choosing a tea, ensure to check caffeine content. This is because sipping a caffeinated blend all day could leave you jittery.

Get Creative With Ice

While ice is just frozen water, it can still make hydration exciting. For instance, you can cut fruit into ice cube trays of water. Then, pop these cubes into your water to flavor it.

Add Fast Flavor

If you want a quick flavor booster, you can use a powder without artificial sweeteners, like Gainful or LMNT.

Make Bone Broth or Stock

Broth and Stock are comforting ways for you to hydrate. They are also nearly as hydrating as pure water in sauces or soups.

Try A Filter

You can install a water filter in your home or purchase a bottle with a built-in filter. This can remove unpleasant flavors and make water more enjoyable.


Water can get boring quickly if you drink it regularly. However, you can use our tips to give this essential liquid a pleasant twist.