Get Perfect Brows and Lashes With These 10 Tips


Getting the perfect brows can be overwhelming. You need to get the angles and the curves right, and if you’re going for the modern soap brow, you need to make it obvious but not too noticeable. While no two brows are the same, there are some general tips and tricks that can help you achieve perfectly-done arches, and in this article, we shall look at ten tips to get such brows. 

Ways to Get Perfect Brows and Lashes 

Thicker Brows

You can get the perfect brow by filling in your sparse brows with a pencil, powder, or gel. To do this, you need to get a color two shades lighter or darker than your hair color. For instance, if you are a brunette, you will need a color two shades lighter for your brows, while your brows should be two shades darker if you have pale blonde or silver hair.

Stop the stencils

No two people can have the same because we all have different bone structures. Therefore, using a stencil to draw your brows may make them take a form different from the unique bone structure of your face. Instead, it is better to work with the natural shape of your brow.

Your brows should match your hair

If you decide to change the color of your hair dramatically, your brows should follow suit too. However, it is ideal that you see an experienced colorist for this task. Although, for a quick solution, you can use mascara or concealer to tone the color of your brows. 

Aim for a natural look

Don’t go plucking your brows randomly. In such cases, having a professional get your brows shaped or plucked is better to ensure they have that lush look. To better define the brows, you can use a brow filler.

Get the right tweezers for your brows

Additionally, getting the right tweezers may be all the “magic” you need. Experts recommend pointed tweezers for beginners. 

Know when to put the tweezers down

Because you see short hair growing beneath the skin does not mean you have to pull it off, and you are risking a scar because you might end up breaking your skin. Instead, you can wait 24 hours before plucking the hair or use a concealer if it bothers you so much. 

Get professional help to get the perfect arc

If you are uncertain about your ability to draw the perfect brow, enlist the help of a professional. You can take a few pictures afterward that will serve as references for future purposes. 

Hone in on your mascara skills

Your mascara is vital in ensuring that your lashes look fuller or longer. Also, the brush used is quite important. Rubber bristles, for instance, ensure that even the tiniest lashes are coated from the root to the tip. Plastic bristles will help you achieve that natural look with your lashes. Finally, fiber bristles will be the thickness of your lashes. 

Smooth strokes on the lashes

You want to ensure that your lashes are filled with only the necessary mascara. To ensure this, you can wipe the brush on a paper towel. Do not use a tissue! 

Don’t get discouraged

Finally, we know that after you use mascara, you may have some of the mascara on your cheeks. When this happens, use warm water to remove the mascara.