Gargling with Salt Water When You’re Sick

Viral infections like the flu or a cold can cause sore throat. However, gargling with salt water can ease the pain of flu symptoms. This article teaches you how this home remedy can make you feel better and support oral health.

What Does Gargling With Salt Water Do For A Sore Throat?

When you gargle with salt water, the saline solution fills your mouth and throat. This can loosen mucus, reduce inflammation, and ease throat pain. Gargling with salt water can also remove the virus or bacteria causing the sore throat because the salt changes the pH level in your mouth, making it harder for them to survive. You can also use it to remove viruses or bacteria from the throat or mouth and into the solution.

What Other Conditions Does A Salt Water Gargle Help With?

Gargling with salt water can relieve a sore throat caused by various conditions, including:

● Flu
● Allergies
● Strep throat
● Sinus infections

This home remedy can also prevent or treat the following conditions:

Respiratory Infections

According to a study examining 400 people during flu season, those who gargled with salt water three times daily had lower chances of catching the flu.

Oral Surgery Recovery

Your dentist or surgeon may recommend a salt water rinse after wisdom tooth removal. It also keeps your mouth clean and could promote healing.

Cavities, Gingivitis, and Periodontitis

According to one study, rinsing with salt water was as effective in reducing dental plaque as an antiseptic rinse. Less harmful bacteria in your mouth can also reduce your risk of cavities and other dental problems, such as mild and severe gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis).

Canker Sores

Rinsing with salt water can soothe pain caused by canker sores. The remedy could also help you heal from mouth ulcers.

What’s The Best Way To Gargle With Salt Water?

When your salt water solution is ready, here are some simple steps to gargle:

● Take a mouthful of the salt water and let it coat your mouth and throat.
● Lift your chin and gargle the salt water at the back of your throat
● Gargle for 15 seconds or as long as you can
● Spit out the solution


Gargling with salt water is a simple and affordable way to relieve a sore throat caused by different conditions. This remedy can also prevent a cold or flu and support oral health.