Five Alternative Uses for Tea Bags

Lots of people love a warm cup of tea – particularly in the cold months! However, it may not occur to a lot of people that tea bags can be used for more than just making a hot beverage.

Tea has many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can be utilized in several ways.

Tea Can Soothe Skin Conditions
If you’ve happened upon a poisonous plant, like Poison Ivy, you’ll be itching for a remedy. You may find a potent remedy right in your cabinet. Black tea can be steeped in a bath to soothe itchy and inflamed rashes.

Tea Can Relieve Pain and Itchiness from Bug Bites
Bug bites can be irritating and even debilitating! Luckily, tea is a widely available remedy for bothersome bites. A tea bag can relieve pain and itchiness associated with a bug bite. Simply wet the tea bag, wring it out, and leave it on the bite for 10-15 minutes.

Tea Can Help Unclog Pores
Clogged pores are unsightly and can lead to acne if left unchecked. Skip the expensive skincare products and try green tea on your clogged pores. You can make a de-clogging facial remedy by emptying a packet of green tea and mix one teaspoon of tea leaves with water until a paste is created. Gently scrub the mixture over the clogged pores for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with water.

Tea Can Ease Toothaches
Tooth pain is irritating! Those with a toothache may search up and down for pain relief. Luckily, tea provides pain relief for toothaches. Take a peppermint tea bag, wet and warm it, and then press it against the affected tooth and gum line. The acid in tea bags can also facilitate blood clotting, so this is also a great remedy to ease bleeding after a dental procedure.

Tea Can Help Alleviates Eye Bags
Bags under the eyes are undesirable but can be hard to avoid. Tea bags offer a cheap and effective way to combat dark circles and puffiness. Simply wet and warm tea bags and place them under the eyes for 10-15 minutes. This will soothe the skin and lessen dark circles.

Who knew a household pantry item had so many helpful uses? Tea is more than a healthy way to hydrate – it can help treat a variety of conditions. In a pinch, remember your tea bags!