Does Eating a Marshmallow Before Bed Cure Nighttime Coughs?

According to a recent internet trend, eating a marshmallow before bed can cure nighttime coughs. However, there is little scientific evidence to support this treatment method. This article examines the truth behind this claim on the effectiveness of marshmallows in resolving night coughs.

What’s In A Marshmallow?

Natural marshmallow root is a health remedy that helps create a protective coat along the lining of your esophagus, throat, and lungs. This can act as an anti-inflammatory and soothe irritation from different factors causing nighttime coughs.

However, this internet trend might be confusing natural marshmallow roots with commercially produced marshmallows. The latter consists majorly of sugars and gelatin and doesn’t contain marshmallow root. There is also no evidence that gelatin in marshmallows acts as a cough suppressant.

Why Marshmallows Aren’t A Great Idea?

Marshmallows are not a good recommendation for clearing night coughs as they contain sugar and corn syrup, known to cause inflammation and suppress your immune system.

What Home Remedies Do Doctors Recommend?

Instead of eating marshmallows, doctors recommend warm water with honey, which can soothe your sore throat and relieve your cough. Another option is bone broth, which contains glutamine, carnosine, and cysteine, all compounds with immune-boosting properties.

Tips For Sleeping Easier When You Have a Cough

The following tips can help you deal with cough at night:

Raising The Head of Your Bed

To ease a nighttime cough, you can elevate the head of the bed to boost phlegm drainage. You must also sleep with both your head and chest raised for this to work best. Ideal ways to do this include using a unique wedge pillow, a pile of regular pillows, or placing books under your mattress to lift the head of the bed.

Avoiding Late Meals

Staying clear of late meals can ease nighttime cough as it helps you avoid acid reflux caused by eating within three hours of bedtime.

Over-the-Counter Medicines For Easing Nighttime Cough

Cough drops are an excellent OTC medication choice for dealing with nighttime coughs, but you should avoid options containing lots of sugar. It’s also best to use a cough drop that’s low in artificial colors, has a low sugar content, and contains menthol or manuka honey.

Another effective option is nasal anti-inflammatory sprays such as Nasacort or Flonase, which occasionally reduce coughing.


Despite its online popularity, there is no evidence eating a marshmallow can resolve nighttime cough. However, you can remedy it by raising the head of the bed and avoiding late meals. You can also take cough drops or use anti-inflammatory nasal sprays to reduce coughing.