Can You Benefit From Sound Healing?

Throughout history, music and sounds have been used in many different ways. From boosting the morale of soldiers to making workers more productive to helping people with dementia remember their “golden years” and feel calmer, music can do a lot of things.

If you don’t believe in the magical healing powers of music and sound healing therapy, just think about how your favorite song or piece of music instantly makes you feel better. A good upbeat song can make you feel happier and more energized right away, while a slow, sad song might be just what you need to let out that good cry.

But research shows that sound therapy is much more than just lyrics that hit the spot or the strange way that chanting can calm you down. The same vibrations that make sound can also have a big effect on how healthy we are.

What Can Sound Healing Do For You?

In recent years, sound and music healing therapy has become more and more popular.
It helps that sound and music have been found to help heal a wide range of mental, emotional, and even physical problems. They have been useful treatments for a number of conditions, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • PTSD
  • Dementia
  • Disorders on the autism spectrum
  • People who have trouble learning
  • Those with behavior and mental health problems
  • Sleep disorders

Some of the most common benefits of music therapy and sound healing that people talk about are:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Fewer mood swings
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Better pain management
  • Decreased risk of a stroke or getting coronary artery disease
  • Improved sleep

What Does Science Say About Sound Healing?

Even though modern medicine might be better at treating many diseases and illnesses than chanting circles or music therapy, science has shown that these healing methods aren’t the voodoo that some people think they are.

In fact, there is a lot of evidence that sound vibrations can help people heal. And they are much more than just a happy song that makes you feel good.

Experts point to the belief that everything in the universe vibrates at a certain rate. In fact, every cell in your body is affected by these vibrations. In other words, the vibrations from instruments or voices can actually interact with the cells in your body to make certain things happen. In this case, they can help your body heal. These vibrations can also change the frequencies of your brainwaves.

A study done in 2006 found that meditating with a singing bowl can lower blood pressure, improve circulation and breathing, ease aches and pains, and even make the immune system stronger.

A study of vibroacoustic therapy, which involves applying sounds and vibrations directly to the body, found that it could help treat chronic pain and speed up recovery from injuries.

More research is needed to find out how effective sound healing therapy can be, but so far, there is a lot of evidence that it can help people who are in pain, have been hurt, or are stressed out.,singing%20along%20to%20music