Beware of These Lifestyle Choices to Ensure Good Fertility 


Fertility is a complex concept because it involves a lot of intricate factors. Couples trying to conceive need to take specific steps to ensure that their efforts are fruitful. In addition, they need to avoid some unhealthy habits and food because they may significantly affect fertility adversely. This article highlights the different lifestyle choices couples must avoid to ensure good fertility. 

What is Female Fertility?

Female fertility is the ability of a woman to conceive a child naturally. Fertility occurs after unprotected sex between partners. Therefore, questions regarding your fertility may begin to haunt your mind when you’ve had frequent, unprotected sex for at least six months with no success. 

Lifestyle Choices That You Must Avoid 

  1. Smoking: Apart from exposing yourself to an increased risk of contracting colon, lung, and even pancreatic cancer, smoking can significantly impede your efforts to conceive. Women who smoke tend to accelerate the aging process of their ovarian follicles, which can result in early menopause. Males who also want to ensure healthy sperm counts are also advised to stay away from smoking. Although the effects are not clear-cut in men, research has indicated that smoking negatively affects the structure and function of the sperm. Furthermore, the researchers noted that the extent of the damage is directly linked to the number of cigarettes you have smoked. Fortunately, the production of sperm is dynamic, and you can reverse the damage caused by smoking in three months.
  2. Excessive Caffeine: A 2016 study published by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine noted that drinking more than five cups of coffee daily has been linked with a decrease in fertility. Also, when a female becomes pregnant and drinks up to two cups of coffee a day, such amounts of caffeine increase the risk of miscarriage. Although it should be stated at this juncture that different types of coffee contain different volumes of caffeine. For instance, a regular cup of coffee from Starbucks would contain more caffeine than other brands.
  3. Too Much Intake of Alcohol: Research has suggested that drinking more than two cups of alcohol a day may impede one’s ability to conceive. Although at this point, it is not clear how alcohol hinders one’s ability to get pregnant. Therefore, it is advisable only to drink alcohol occasionally or avoid it altogether when you do eventually become pregnant.


There are many exercises you can do to promote fertility. However, it is important to note the things to avoid, as even an excessive amount of “good things” can impede one’s ability to conceive. For instance, exercising vigorously has been seen to impede fertility. Thus, you must do everything in moderation.