Are Chair Exercises Beneficial?

We frequently sit in chairs, sometimes out of choice and sometimes out of necessity. But exercising is something you can also do while seated. In reality, chair exercises can be an excellent approach to achieving your fitness goals, particularly for seniors and anyone who may be disabled, recovering from an injury, or who has balance/stability concerns.

Don’t be fooled, however. Simply because you’re sitting down doesn’t mean you won’t get a good workout. And chair workouts offer the added advantage of giving your body more support. Additionally, using a chair as leverage can be a simple method to sneak in some exercise without leaving the space you’re in, and you only need one basic piece of equipment. Sounds like a win-win, right? Continue reading to learn more about this exercise plan.

What Are Chair Exercises?

Exercises modified from “traditional” ones for those who might be unable to undertake free-standing exercises are known as chair exercises. While chair exercises have historically been utilized for the elderly, anyone recovering from an injury or unable to stand safely can also benefit from them.

Recently, chair exercises have become a bit more mainstream. The thought is to combat the time we spend seated at our desks.

What Are the Benefits of Chair Exercises?

The ease of chair exercises is one of their key advantages. When balance is a problem for you, they can offer support so you can exercise safely. Additionally, they are portable and require little to no equipment to perform.

Chair exercises are a great way to keep on track with your fitness objectives if you are short on time and unable to make it to the gym or you are traveling and need to work out in a hotel room.

Exercises in a chair are another excellent approach to stabilize the lower body. They can assist you in improving posture while putting a different kind of emphasis on your flexibility, strength, and coordination. Additionally, working while seated on a chair lowers the danger of falling for elderly or injured individuals.

What Exercises Can Be Modified for the Chair?

Perform a search for chair exercises and prepare to be surprised. You can find workouts from every corner of the fitness world available. From Pilates to Yoga to simply strengthening your arms. The list of exercises that can be modified for the chair is plentiful. There are even apps for chair workouts that you can add to your everyday routine.


If you’ve wondered about chair exercises, give it a try! You might find they’re perfect for the few minutes you have between meetings or while watching television at night.