8 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips Using Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best alternatives to commercial laundry detergents because it prevents dirt from sticking to your clothing and contains antibacterial properties. More importantly, it’s environmentally friendly and will leave your clothes odorless. This article covers 8 eco-friendly benefits of using vinegar to launder your clothes.

Clean Clothes Without Harsh Chemicals

If you have sensitive skin, specific detergents can irritate your skin and result in contact dermatitis. Vinegar is an excellent substitute for avoiding harsh chemicals, especially if you’re allergic to washing detergents.

Research also shows that harsh chemicals in certain laundry detergents can harm the environment. You can avoid harming plants and poisoning wildlife using only vinegar and other environmentally safe detergents.

Remove Stains

Vinegar effectively removes clothing stains as dirt and food particles are loosened when they come in contact with it, allowing water to take them away.

Loosen Soap Buildup

Soap buildup can create blue or white streaks on your clothing. Vinegar can loosen soap buildup and stop it from clinging to your clothes.


Vinegar can reduce odors from pets, sweat, and smoking, leaving your clothes smelling clean. You can also combine it with a few drops of essential oils if you want your clothing to remain fragrant.


Vinegar can bleach your laundry, reducing stains and making white clothing brighter.

Prevent Colors from Fading

Over time, detergent, wear-and-tear, and sunlight can fade your bright clothing. You can prevent this by adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to your laundry load.

Soften Fabrics

Vinegar can be used instead of fabric softener as it can soften the fabric without using the harsh chemicals in commercial fabric softeners. It also prevents static, meaning lint and pet hair will not cling to your clothing.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Vinegar can clean your washing machine and give you cleaner clothes. You can simply pour hot water and a cup of vinegar into your washing machine and run it with no clothes in it. This will reduce the soap buildup and lint in the machine.


Before washing your clothes with vinegar, ensure you’re not allergic to prevent a negative reaction. You can also prevent stains by diluting the vinegar with water. Red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar should also be avoided, as these can leave clothing stains.


Vinegar is an excellent alternative to laundry detergent as it is eco-friendly, effective, and inexpensive. It can also be used for various detergent needs, including breach, fabric softener, and deodorizer.