6 Anti-Aging Skin Care Secrets to Follow


According to Jessica Wu, the author of Feed Your Facethe skin is one large living organ that changes with the season and time. Therefore, altering your skincare routine to accommodate these seasons and times is vital to ensuring healthy skin. In addition, your skincare routine matters a lot if you want to maintain a smooth and supple skin even in your fifties. In this article, we will mention some secrets to take your skin routine to the next level. 

Anti-aging Skin Care Secrets to Follow

  • Start as soon as possibleLate is better than never, people say, and these words stay true to taking care of your skin too. Your skin begins to age around mid-20s, although it may not be noticeable. Unfortunately, this also implies that your products may not be as effective as they were on your skin. Therefore, you should start consulting a dermatologist to maintain a smoother and softer skin around this age.
  • Apply gentle cleansers to the face: Your skin type should determine the kind of cleanser you should use. For dry skin, use a creamy cleanser, while those with oily skin should use an oil-free or foaming cleanser for their skin. Generally, if you have sensitive skin, it is always ideal to talk to your dermatologist about avoiding irritation from using these products. 
  • Get a moisturizer for your skin: You need to get moisturizers for your face, as these moisturizers help protect and further improve the skin. If you have oily skin, you can get an oil-free moisturizer and apply it daily. For those with much drier skin, you may need to use such moisturizer more than once a day. 
  • Wear sunscreen daily: Everyone needs adequate sun protection during the daylight hours. Therefore, always use sunscreen, even if the day is cloudy or you are indoors. Ensure that you get broad-spectrum sunscreen, which protects your skin against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Scrub dead skin away: You always need to exfoliate to revive that glowing nature of your skin. You can scrub dead skin cells through a soft washcloth, spinning brush, or scrubs. If you have dry skin, exfoliate once a week or even less. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, you need to exfoliate once or twice a week. 

Feed your skin with the necessary nutrition: Ensure that your creams include vitamins that will rejuvenate your skin, such as vitamin C or E, which would protect your skin against sun damage.