3 Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Health

You may be surprised to learn how much your mattress affects your sleep and day. Not sleeping on the right mattress can negatively impact your sleep, posture, mind, and emotions.

Continue reading to learn more about how the right mattress can help you in life, day and night.

Better sleep quality
Your comfort level is a big factor in your quality of sleep. Depending on your needs and the type of mattress you have, the right mattress may offer you relief from points of pressure on your body, back support, or both.

You should not be having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep because you are uncomfortable in your bed. Waking up with body aches and pains is another indication that your mattress is not right for you.

Improved posture
You may alternate between different sleep positions throughout the night without realizing it. But if you have the right mattress, you will be more likely to stay in the same position, and this helps with your posture.

For example, if you sleep on your side, you are more likely to experience back pain because this position strains your back and neck, and sleeping this way can also reduce blood flow in your arm and shoulder from the pressure put on them by your body. And if you sleep on your right side, you may be putting pressure on your organs, as well.

Memory foam mattresses are recommended for side sleepers because the foam adjusts to your sleeping position, supports proper spinal alignment, and relieves pressure points. But if you choose a mattress that is not designed for side sleepers, your spine may not be properly aligned while you sleep, and you may experience joint pain from the pressure on the side of your body that is in contact with your mattress.

Healthier mind
Not sleeping well or not getting enough sleep every night can lead to sleep deprivation, and this can greatly impact your moods and mental health.

You may experience brain fog and be more forgetful. Not sleeping well or enough can make you feel groggy during the day, and you might often yawn. Inadequate sleep can also make you more susceptible to mood swings and irritability. It can also aggravate symptoms of mental disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and depression.

Having a good mattress can greatly impact your health. Sleeping better will help your physical and mental health.