10 Surprising Things About Grey Hair

In our world today, grey hair is a sign of old age, and a prelude to wrinkles. As a result, many people are often searching for the next bio-trick that can keep them from having grey hair. However, the reality is that we cannot avoid this phase of our lives. It is a given that as your body ages, certain things about your looks change too, and grey hair usually signifies such a transition to the latter years of your life. Therefore, in this article, we shall look at some surprising things about grey hair.

10 Surprising Things About Grey Hair

Grey Hair is Different Hair

Typically, grey hair is seen as the loss of melanin in the hair, but that’s not all. Grey hair is coarser and thinner than young healthy hair. Therefore, you should consider grey hair as a different stage of life that signifies a transition into late adulthood.

Genetics Play a Significant Part in Grey Hair

Even though aging plays a massive part in grey hair, genetics should not be omitted from the conversation. Therefore, if you notice that most older adults in your family tend to have grey hair as they age, you may also transition into old adulthood with grey hair. However, you also need to check the timelines when your relatives developed grey hair and see if the timelines match yours or are significantly similar.

Your Lifestyle Could Also Play a Part in Causing Grey Hair.

Environmental and dietary factors may also cause your hair to age more quickly. Caleb Backe —a nutritional expert for Maple Holistics— noted that factors such as stress, an unbalanced diet, and even smoking might lead to premature greying.

Specifically, stress has been seen to damage healthy cells, according to researchers’researchers’researchers’ study. This study was conducted on mice, and experts discovered that the response to stress damages DNA.

Smoking Significantly Affects Hair Follicles

Finally —and as earlier mentioned— smoking has been revealed to harm the hair, causing the hair to age in smokers before age 30. The 2013 study explained that smoking is a relevant lifestyle cause of premature aging.

An inadequate Diet May Also Cause Premature Grey Hair

A study has indicated that low doses of ferritin, calcium, and vitamin D-3 may significantly lead to premature greying. Another study further indicates that an inadequate amount of copper, zinc, and iron may boost a person’s premature growth of grey hair.

By Age Fifty, Fifty Percent of Your Hair May be Grey

The timeline for the growth of grey hair in any person usually depends on each individual. For instance, most Caucasians experience grey hair before Africans or Asians. Generally, about half of the population tends to experience grey hair by age 50, per a 2006 study.

Zinc, Fish, and Walnuts Help Slow Down Grey Hair

Certain supplements may help with nutritional benefits. Backe has highlighted that adding walnuts, for instance, may help the pigmentation of your hair follicles. Furthermore, fish, seeds, and leafy greens provide sufficient Omega-3 acids and zinc —compounds that restore hair color.

You Don’tDon’tDon’t Have to Dye Your Hair Because It’sIt’sIt’s Grey

Just because strands of grey hair suddenly appear and you do not have the time to make a hair appointment does not necessarily mean you must dye it. According to Chelsea Scott —the founder of TRUHAIR— you can part your hair on the opposite side of your regular parting. According to Scott, less regrowth of grey hair will occur on the opposite side.

Simple Makeup Techniques May Help With Grey Roots

Additionally, using home-coloring techniques to disguise the grey hair may help with tackling grey hair. Using makeup primer, according to Scott, may temporarily aid in brushing away the grey color instantly.

Going Grey is Beautiful and Natural

Above all, one must understand that grey hair is a natural aging occurrence. Therefore, upon reflection, what should matter is how well you spent your youthful years. Therefore, embracing the grey-hair lifestyle should be a matter of joy. Finally, you can always style your gray hair to suit your looks –regardless of age.


Grey hair should not be a thing of sorrow. Instead, it should be embraced as a sign of transitioning into old adulthood. In cases of premature aging, it is advised that you see a professional healthcare provider.