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The Shocking Quit Smoking Timeline Revealed

What is a Quit Smoking Timeline? Smoking is injurious to your body and mind in many ways and if you have decided to quit smoking then it is one of the best decisions you have taken in your life. The Quit smoking timeline describes the chain of events that takes place in your body and your body’s reaction to the unpleasant as well as pleasant effects of quitting smoking.Quit Smoking Timeline

What is a Quit Smoking Timeline?

As you have quit smoking the quit smoking timeline starts to tick off and a healing process sets in that is going to continue for many succeeding years to take you on your path of improved health.

Though ill effects of smoking has made you to quit smoking still you may be unclear of the beneficial effects your body is going to enjoy by stop smoking. But your body responds in a positive manner as the quit smoking timeline sets in and this monitoring mechanism of your own body is able to take control of the quit smoking process and guard against the ill effects of the nicotine withdrawal that may manifest in your body. The benefits of stopping the smoking habit starts from just hours from the time you refrain from smoking and the following is the quit smoking timeline that your body maintains as a way of managing the quit smoking process.

  • 1 to 2 hours: within this period the heart rate and the blood pressure come down to the  normal rates and the blood circulation improves and you will feel a warming sensation in your feet and hands
  • Eight plus hours: Smoking cigarettes leads to the buildup of carbon monoxide in the blood levels. This begins to drop within the first eight hours of you stop smoking and this leads to an increased intake of Oxygen into your body.
  •  After 24 Hours: the cleansing process inside your body starts and the blood flows more freely even in your smallest capillaries and this improves your health level more.
  • After 48 Hours: this is an important milestone in the quit smoking timeline where the effects of withdrawal begins to show. The nervous regeneration leads to loss of smell and taste to a certain level. But after this everything returns to normal improving all the important vital functions  of the body
  • During 2nd and 3rd weeks: the blood circulation returns to normal and your strength returns so that you can perform even strenuous exercises with ease. The lungs begin functioning normally with reduced coughing and phlegm.
  • From the first to 9th month : Lungs being the most affected part due to smoking the lung regeneration process starts during this quit smoking timeline.  Due to this you will be able to experience a general improvement in breathing and the health of your sinuses improve.
  • After one year : your risk for cardiac problems get reduced by more than 50 %
  • Periods after one year:  after 5 years in your quit smoking timeline you still have the risk of getting a stroke and after 10 years of quitting smoking you have a reduced risk of lung cancer with a reduced risk of getting a heart problem.

Watch this amazing Quit Smoking Timeline Video and the positive Effects on your body once you quit:

Thus, your body reacts favorably to your stop smoking and the quit smoking timeline described above helps you to understand how your body reacts to the effects of stop smoking. Due to this you can easily find that your mind and body are fully geared to come out of the ill effects of tobacco as soon as you quit smoking.

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