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Is Peppermint Oil For IBS effective?

Peppermint Oil for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is recommended by alternative medicine for a long time already. However, nowadays even general doctors do recommend Peppermint Oil for IBS as well.

 Peppermint Oil for IBMWhy is Peppermint Oil for IMS so effective?

Dr. Susan B. Kowalsky has the following advice:

There are a number of things to consider when diagnosing and treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) such as diet, stress, psychological factors, food allergies, and bacterial or yeast imbalance in the intestinal tract.

The highest standard of analysis may include a digestive and stool analysis, allergy diet, abdominal ultrasound or x-ray, or even a colonoscopy.

Subtle food allergies which I refer to as food irritants or sensitivities are a major contributing factor in the majority of people with IBS.

An elimination diet is the best method to determine what foods, if any, are causing symptoms. Blood and skin tests for allergies are only 60-70% accurate. With this allergy diet the foods most commonly known to cause allergies or sensitivities are eliminated from the diet for a month, then reintroduced one at a time, watching for symptoms.

In a study of 189 patients with IBS, half the patients improved when put on an elimination diet. Some of the most common foods to provoke symptoms were dairy, onions, chocolate, nuts, coffee, wheat, citrus, tea, rye, potatoes, barley, oats, and corn.

Digestive and stool analysis testing will provide valuable information about digestion, absorption, elimination, metabolic efficiency in the gut, and bacteria and yeast growth in the colon.

Additional testing for parasites can often provide the missing piece of the puzzle for many patients suffering with gas, bloating, abnormal stools and abdominal discomfort. Candida and other yeast overgrowth as well as parasite infections are a commonly overlooked cause of bowel symptoms.

Naturopathic treatments for IBS include enteric peppermint oil capsules which have been shown in numerous double-blind studies to lessen abdominal pain, distension, gas, stool frequency and abdominal rumbling. Interestingly, one study showed no relief from peppermint oil, and in my practice I have found about half my patients with IBS are helped with peppermint oil.

Watch this short video why to use Peppermint for IBS:

Also Dr.OZ is already recommending Peppermint oil for IBS, because of its spasmolytic properties. I my opinion peppermint oil for IBS is very effective especially if you combine it with  chamomile and a proper diet. Avoid all heat producing food intake as IBS is often stress related.

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