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The Causes and Treatments for Your Lower Right Back Pain

In the present days the lower right back pain is one of the most common of the discomforts and painful conditions experienced by most part of the population.Lower Right Back Pain

Why is lower right back pain so inconvenient?

Back pain is an annoying condition and it can cause heavy disruptions in your daily routine. You will be forced to feel deprived of necessary energy and power even to do the most common of the daily tasks. With an aching back you will feel totally down bringing your productivity to near zero causing more problems in your professional/employment life.

Causes of Lower Right  Back Pain

There are many causes of lower right back pain and they are usually diagnosed to be due to one of these reasons:

  • Abused Sacro- Illiac Joint– is one of the most used muscles in our body and due to the constant use and overuse this muscle gets abused often and leads to lower back pain as the symptom of a damaged Sacro – Illiac joint.
  • Injured Quadratus Lumborum muscle– this is the muscle group that runs from your pelvis to rib cage. When it is injured due to overstretching or unusual bending of your body, or due to swift abnormal twisting of the hip region this muscle gets injured and leads to a nagging and intense lower right back pain.
  • A weakened Sacrum- Pelvis connection– The connection between the Sacrum and the Pelvis muscles is not provided with a disc for protection and hence when this is weakened due to injury or overuse it leads to severe lower right back pain.
  • Tightening of the vertebra muscles– these muscle groups are entrusted with the protection and support of the spinal cord and when these get overworked or put to abnormal work pressure they get tightened squeezing on the soft tissue of the spinal cord leading to lower right back pain

The lower right back pain in most of the cases is only a symptom of an underlying condition in your lower back area and hence the right approach to get relief from this pain is to find and cure the condition that has given rise to the symptoms. When you have this type of pain do not hesitate to go to your Doctor and find the real reason and get the right type of treatment to prevent it becoming chronic and leave you paralyzed with  intense pain.

Treatments for Lower Right Back Pain

There are many types of treatments for getting relief from lower right back pain and some of them include:

  • Anti- inflammatory medicines– this is the easy and faster way of getting relief from pain and discomfort, as they reduce the swelling in the muscles and bring down pain
  • Cortisone  Injections – are also given as a good treatment to get quicker relief from this type of  back pain
  • Electric Stimulation – when the pain is diagnosed to be due to a muscular condition using the electric stimulation is the right choice to get relieved from the back pain
  • Chiropractors – visiting the chiropractors who are professionally trained to give relief and relaxation to the strained, stressed and injured muscles of your lower back is the best and permanent way to get cured of your lower back pain

Watch This Great Video On How To Treat Lower Right Back Pain:

Do not leave this pain to remain for a long time and become a chronic pain condition that will drastically bring down the quality of your life. So, take immediate steps to find out the source and reason for the pain and take corrective actions and make your lower right back pain a thing of past within a short time.

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